Unmet Need

Following surgery and adjuvant chemotherapy, recurrence rates remain unacceptably high in resected NSCLC

Up to 30% of patients with NSCLC are diagnosed with resectable disease1

Rates of recurrence Rates of recurrence

To date, there have been relatively few advances in the systemic treatment of resectable NSCLC as compared to advanced disease4

  • Chemotherapy alone offers a limited DFS benefit of 16% vs no adjuvant chemotherapy (HR=0.84 [95% CI: 0.78, 0.91])3
    • Adjuvant chemotherapy has demonstrated an overall survival benefit of 5% vs no adjuvant chemotherapy
  • Unlike advanced NSCLC, the adjuvant setting has suffered from a lack of personalised treatment innovations4
Micrometastases that can cause disease recurrence may remain even after a complete resection5

Disease recurrences following resection are often distant and debilitating

Approximately 68% of NSCLC recurrences following resection involve distant metastases6

Sites of recurrence Sites of recurrence
  • Patients with brain metastases show significantly faster deterioration in HRQoL compared to those without8
  • Adjuvant chemotherapy does not reduce the risk of brain metastases9
It is critical to minimise the risk of distant disease recurrence and significantly protect against CNS involvement

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